Esoteric Games and apps

  Virtual Voodoo Job v 1.00 (28-November-2017)

  A new black magic tool for all systems in applet format to runs with
 Hollywood™ Player.

  You can do the evil for your enemies with a Voodoo doll.

  Available in this language:
    English English.

Download the file

  Sacrificio Pagano (Pagan Sacrifice) v1.30 (18-November-2017)

  Your altar deprived for your rites neo pagan and the tools for it.


  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added a new magic tool: Bell.

  Available in this language:
    English English.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

  Astral Game version 2.20 in applet format to Hollywood™ Player, this
 game to know  your astral and chinese signs,  the moon phase,  the celt
 and wiccan holydays.

  Available in these languages:
   Español Spanish.   English English.   Italiano Italiano.   Francaise French.   Deutsch German.

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