Esoteric Games and apps

  Virtual Voodoo Job v 1.00 (28-November-2017)

  A new black magic tool for all systems in applet format to runs with
 Hollywood™ Player.

  You can do the evil for your enemies with a Voodoo doll.

  Available in this language:
    English English.

Download the file

  Sacrificio Pagano (Pagan Sacrifice) v1.40 (05-September-2018)

  Your altar deprived for your rites neo pagan and the tools for it.


  • Compiled with the last Hollywood 7.1.
  • Added a extra help tips.

  Available in this language:
    English English.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

  Astral Game v2.40 (22 December 2018)

 This game you can know your astral and chinese signs, the moon
 phase, the celt and wiccan holydays.

 In applet format to Hollywood™ Player v7.1.


  • Fixed the moon phases names for French, German and Italian

  Available in these languages:
   Español Spanish.   English English.   Italiano Italiano.   Francaise French.   Deutsch German.

Download the file