Since 1994, Morgue Soft with our first steps with little program made in and for the Amiga 500,
even today,  that we continue  development  software  for all Amiga™ systems,  all Windows™,
MacOS™, Android™ like applets for Hollywood™ Android™ player.

Our history for being so long had been separatd in two ages, ancient and modern by programming work years.






Morgue Soft Team's Members

 Iranzo Sabater, Carlos Miguel.
  Morgue Soft's skills: Musician. Tester. Public relations in the Amiga's scene.

 Herrán Martín, Jose Antonio.
  Morgue Soft's skills: AmiBlizt™ programmer. Projects manager in Windows™ and Amiga™ systems.

 Herrán Martín, Juan Carlos.
  Morgue Soft's skills: Hollywood™ programmer.  Graphic designer.  Webmaster.  Projects manager in
                                      Windows™, Amiga™ and MacOS™ systems.