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AnimWebConverter v2.51

    AnimWebConverter is a program creates with Hollywood 6.1 for MorphOS™, AmigaOS 4.x, AmigaOS3.x
 and Windows™.
    A little  and easy  web tool to convert your old  Amiga animations  with the  anim and yafa formats  to web anim
 formats gif and apng,  other feature to change the size  of the animations to more  biggest or littest,  also you can to
 between  web formats,  gif and  apng, the tool not convert to Amiga  formats.  Also you  can change the animation
 speed fast or slow.
 Or a little animation player with extra options.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.


  • Resize the animation by percentage or by pixels width and height.
  • Converting an animation gif or apng between these formats.
  • Change the animation speed,  it works with hundredths seconds,  the delay time between  frame set of 0.01 to
    0.99 seconds.
  • Converting an Amiga anim or yafa formats to web animation gif or apng format.
  • Extract one frame from the animation and save it to: gif, jpg, lbm, png, bmp, jpeg2000, tiff.
  • Save the animation to video mpeg I.

  New features 23 July 2016:

    1. Repackage the AmigaOS4.x version.

  Available in the next languages:
Spanish.    English.    Italiano.    French.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS3.9 version

Download AmigaOS4 version

Download Windows version

iConecta v2.10

    A little and easy tool to test your Internet connection, it was made thinking in Apple Macs running MorphOS
 and using the wireless connection. It needs the Hollywood Player.
 This app isn't a spyware,  monitoring or keylogger malicious app,  only check if your computer  is online or offline to
 avoid bad surprises browsing or downloading.

  New features v2.10:

    1. New alarm sounds.
    2. Compiled with the last Hollywood 6.1.

 Available in the next languages:
Spanish.    English.    French.    Italiano.    German.

Download Hollywood Applet

Pintor Web v2.00

    Pintor Web is a program creates with Hollywood 6.0 for AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS 2.7-3.x, WindowsXP
-7-8™ and Hollywood™ applet format.

 Pintor Web is an easy program to handle your pictures  to use on your web pages projects or  you need a fast and
 easy tool to edit them, the options availables are:

  • Desktop snapshot.
  • Rotate 90º, 180º, 270º.
  • Mirror.
  • Changing of size by percentage by pixels width and height.
  • Grey Filter.
  • Negative/Unnegative Filter.
  • Sepia Filter.
  • Black and White Filter.
  • Sepia 60-70 years style Filter.
  • Sharpen Filter.
  • Mark.
  • Add your watermark or logo.
  • Add Text watermark, to write your url for example.
  • AutoText watermark.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • And handling your pictures:
      Change among formats (bmp, jpg, lbm, png), delete, rename, copy, move, make drawer.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.

  Available in the next languages:
Spanish.    English.    French.    Italiano.    German.    Greek.

 New features:

    1. New table work and buttons positions.
    2. Bug fixed.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

Download Windows version

Download AmigaOS3.9 version

  This program is portable you don't need install it and it cans run from an USB pendrive, SD card, etc.

EYE VIEWER SE Final Version

   Eye Viewer is a program to show pictures,  to listen  sounds and songs; esides copy, move, rename and  delete files;
 including  the option to show  files with a comparative  when  these have the same  name. Slide show of  graphical and
 sonorous files. With option of save your personal configuration; configure and handle the list of your favorite folders.
 You can put Eye Viewer in the AmiDock
task bar and you can drag one picture, mp3, sound files over the icon and
 start the  program  showing  or playing them, always t hat you have  activated the  options of  find pictures, sounds or
 music, one or alls.

 Also compatible with MorphOS 1.x, but doesn't work correctly in: Amikit. Amigas with Directory Opus™.
 Amigas 68k without graphic card.

  Available in the next languages:
Spanish.    English.    Français.    Deutsch.    Italiano.    Czech.    Polish.

Amiga 68k
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Download AmigaOS3.9 version


Download AmigaOS4 version

Extra languages
Download file

  Note: For users with Amiga Classic computers you can download the previous version without the improvements but working in
 Amigas only with AGA.
This is "Eye Viewer Berruguete" and you can find it in Aminet.


  Vintage Song Player a Different&Funny&Alternative music player to play the music files such like: mp3, m4a, wav,
  wma, flac and the Amiga module formats, programmed with Hollywood™.

  The player controls:
  The JukeBox cans to move catch of top.

  1. Buttons:
    1. Play: To play music.
    2. Buttons pannel:To open the music file. A sound to charge the disc is played.
    3. Stop: To stope the music.
    4. + and -: To raise or low the music balance, a brick button change of color from dark blue no sound to red
      the top balance.
    5. The boingball: The about.
      • REW/FFWD step: The time to rewind or forward the song, in seconds of 10-20-30.
      • Language: Several languages to choose: Spanish, Italian,  French, Greek, English, Deutsch, Polish
        (ISO or
        AmigaPL), Czech.
  2. Mouse:
    1. Mouse Wheeel: Up or Down to forward or rewind the song.
    2. Righ button: To pause/replay the song, the JukeBox window changes of yellow light to red light.
  3. Keyboard:
    • a-A: About the player, version, author.
    • h-H: Help.
    • l-L: Load sound file.
    • v-V: Vinyl Disc Effect ON/OFF.
    • ESC key: To exit the player.
  4. The discpannel:
    • When the song is playing this pannel has a yellow light, when the song is finish the pannel back no light if
      you paused the song the light is red, replay the song the light again is yellow.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.

Vintage Song Player

  New features v2.00 (14 June 2016):

    1. Compiled with the last Hollywood™ 6.1.
    2. Added new hotkeys.
    3. Added the vinly disc effect ON/OFF.
    4. Bugs fixed.

  Available in the next languages:
English.   Spanish.   Italiano.   French.   Greek.   German.   Czech.   Polish ISO&AmigaPL.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version


  This viewer is programmed with Hollywood™ and it is an easy picture viewer.
  Vintage Viewer is FREEWARE and PORTABLE and the main feature of this program is respect the privacy of the
 user, no recient files list, no
playlist,  portable you can use it from USB stick,  CD, etc.,  the program only has 5 MB
 of size, you can minimize the program with a simple right mouse click or press the space key.

  Vintage Viewer display the next multimedia formats currently:

  • jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, in native way
  • svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, using the Hollywood™ plugins.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.

  New features v2.10 (04 July 2016):

    1. Translations fixed.
    2. HotKeys added.

  Available in the next languages:
Spanish.    English.    Français.    Italiano.

Download Windows version

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

Download AmigaOS3.9 version


  Available our program for Windos 98-XP, this is a single to handle files with two windows where you can to do:
 Copy, Move, Delete, Rename; Make Folder; and show inside the window program picture; also to other file formats
 call to respective program that you have installed.

 Available in the next language:   Spanish.

The program

Also it can show pics