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  We make these programs & games using the powerful programming
language Hollywood™ for next systems:

  • AmigaOS3.x™, MorphOS™, AmigaOS4.x™, AROS™.
  • Windows 98™, XP™, Vista™, 7™-8™-10™, 32&64 bits.
  • MacOS 10.4.2™ PPC, MacOS 10.4.2™ or highter 32&64 bits.
  • Android™ 2.3 or highter.
  • Raspbian™ or Raspberry Pi OS™.
  • Linux™ x86 for 32&64 bits.

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 21 January 2021
  The Widow, coming a new version with the support of new languages, German and Italian, bugs fixes and
new little improvements for example:

  • The Bath Girl doesn't showed naked when you take some object from her.
  • The paranormal atmosphere.

  Note: The Widow game is  a different point  and click adventure,  for those that  were waiting  a Resident
Evil™ for Amiga, well, you put 50.000 euros and it will be possible.
Also for those that are happy that I leave the Amiga hobby and only answer, you continue with that thought
maybe  some  day will you  be alone  in this hobby  crying in a corner  why there aren't more  games for this

 1 January 2021
  New game but also this will be  the last game from Morgue Soft Ltd.,  the game called  "The Widow" is a
point adventure terror game for the next systems: MorphOS™, AmigaOS4™, AROS™, Windows™ 64-32
bits, Linux™ 64-32 and Raspbian™.

NOTE: About the flag used for spanish language, this flag is from Guna native indians from Panama and
the swastica is a solar wheel of good luck, some persons besides of show their ignorance show their intolerance,
reason to leave the Amiga hobby, because they confuse Amiga hobby with a sect where we all have to think
like them, or that the Amiga hobby is private property or also their private club like Mr. Crumb believes.