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adult games, esoteric tools, the V.A.M.P. multimedia player and much
  We make these programs & games using the powerful programming
language Hollywood™ for next systems:

  • AmigaOS3.x™, MorphOS™, AmigaOS4.x™, AROS™.
  • Windows 98™, XP™, Vista™, 7™-8™-10™, 32&64 bits.
  • MacOS 10.4.2™ PPC, MacOS 10.4.2™ or highter 32&64 bits.
  • Android™ 2.3 or highter.
  • Raspbian™ or Raspberry Pi OS™.
  • Linux™ x86 for 32&64 bits.

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 14 September 2020
  New versions of Virtual Maidens "Marisol" & "Elisa" 1.10 and the new maidem "Kamijo" for program
Sacrificio Pagano.

 8 August 2020
  New version of game  "Sasha P. Los Chinos Video Game X"  2.15 for  MorphOS™,   AmigaOS4™ and
Linux™ 64 bits.

 21 July 2020
  Final Edition for Strip Fighter II: Los Chinos Game X for almost all operative systems.

 20 July 2020
  Morgue Soft Ltd. lands on Linux™ 64 bits with "V.A.M.P." and "Acuario 2020", with some games like
"Banki", "Bed Games I: Special Halloween 2011" and "Tuffy, The Ghos Hunter".
All they have been reprogrammed and tested with Linux™ LiteOS 5.0™.
NOTE: Other games and tools haven't been ported for technical problems.

 18 July 2020
  New version of  "Sacrifico Pagano" 1.65 for MorphOS™,  AmigaOS4™  and AROS™,  and with a new
maiden "Marisol" plus a new update for the maiden "Elisa".

 25 June 2020
  New version of "Fairies 2020" for MorphOS™, AmigaOS3.x™, AmigaOS4™ and AROS™.

 19 June 2020
  New version of "Acuario 2020" for MorphOS™,  Windows™ 64 bit, AmigaOS3.x™, AmigaOS4™ and

 14 June 2020
  New version of "Sabrina Sex Slave" 3.01 for MorphOS™, AmigaOS4™, AROS™, Windows™ 64 bits
and how new a version for Raspbian™.

 7 June 2020
  New tiny tool called Omanko! to get the MD5 or CRC32 checksum or to compare one checksum code
with its file. Available for all systems using the Hollywood Player™ 8.0 or the exclusive executables for
for MorphOS™ and AmigaOS4™.

 30 May 2020
  New versions of "iConecta" 3.26 and "Witch Cleaner" 1.10 only for MorphOS™.

 25 May 2020
  New deck of cards for "Hight Low Equal X Poker Card".

 23 May 2020
  New version of  "Hight Low Equal Poker Card" 1.10 and new  spin off of this  game called "High Low
Equal X Poker Card" with erotic and porn cards, both in applet format  for all systems using Hollywood
Player™ 8.0.

 11 May 2020
  New game with poker cards called "Hight Low Equal Poker Card" in applet format for all systems using
Hollywood Player™ 8.0.

 3 May 2020
  New version of Sabrina Sex Slave 3.00 for MorphOS™, AmigaOS4™, AROS™ and Windows™ 64 bits.

 24 April 2020
  New version  of V.A.M.P. 2.25  for MorphOS™,  Windows™ 64-32 bit, AmigaOS3.x™,  AmigaOS4™,
AROS™ and WarpOS.

 18 April 2020
  New version of Videntium Picta 2.30 for MorphOS™, Windows™ 64 bit, AmigaOS3.x™, AmigaOS4™
and AROS™.

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