EYE VIEWER SE Final Version

  Eye Viewer is a program to show pictures, listen sounds and songs; besides copy, move, rename and
 delete files; including the option to show files with a comparative when these have the same name.
 Slide show of pictures and sound files. With option of save your personal configuration; configure and
 handle the list of your favorite folders.
  You can put Eye Viewer in the  AmiDock™  task bar and you can drag one picture,  mp3, sound files
 over the icon and start the  program showing or playing them.  Always you have activated the options
 of find pictures, sounds or music, one or alls.

 Also compatible with MorphOS™ 1.x, but doesn't work correctly in: Amikit™.  Amiga with Directory
Opus™. Amigas 68k without graphic card.

  Available in the next languages:
   Español Spanish.   English English.   Francaise Français.   Deutsch Deutsch.   Italiano Italiano.   Czech Czech.   Polish Polish.

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Download AmigaOS3.x version

Download AmigaOS4.x version

Extra languages
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 Note: For users with Amiga Classic computers you can download the previous version without the improvements
 but working in Amiga only with AGA.
This is "Eye Viewer Berruguete" and you can find it in Aminet.


   Grimorium PDF is a little program to open documents in PDF format thought to read little files
like bills, receipts, blueprints, etc. created in this format and with the help of powerful zoom cans
read the small letter even export the pages to graphic format like jpg, lbm, bmp, png, gif.
With the advantage to be a program portable, light and fast besides to be free.
Programmed with Hollywood™ for Windows™ systems, MorphOS™ 2.x-3.x, AmigaOS3.5-3.9™
and AmigaOS4.x™.

  Available in the next languages:
   Español Spanish.   English English.   Francaise Français.
  Italiano Italiano.

  New features v2.10 (11 January 2020):

    1. Added support for Italian language.
    2. Bugs fixed.

Grimorium PDF

Download MorphOS version

Download Windows 64bits version

Download Windows version

Download AmigaOS4.x version

Download AmigaOS3.x version


  Vintage Song Player a  Different&Funny&Alternative  music player to play mp3, m4a,  wav, wma,
 flac music files and the Amiga™ module formats. Even vinyl disc sound effect as the old turntable.
 Programmed with Hollywood™. Your own Juke Box in your computer.

  This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins.
  This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.

Vintage Song Player

  Available in the next languages:
English English.  Español Spanish.  Italiano Italiano.  Francaise French.  Deutsch German.  Czech Czech.  Polish Polish ISO&AmigaPL.

  New features v2.20 (30 September 2019):

    1. Compiled with the last Hollywood™ 8.0.
    2. New improvements.

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

Download AmigaOS3.x version


   Videntium Picta (from latin words Picture Viewer) is a FREEWARE&PORTABLE image viewer
 program programmed with Hollywood™ and show almost all image formats.

  You can make with this program:

  • See/Retouch the image: Save or change the format, rotate, mirror, turn, change the size
    by percentage or pixels, sharpen the image.
  • See the image: More or less zoom, special zoom 1x-2x-4x with the third mouse button.
  • Work with the file: Delete, rename, copy, move.
  • Extras: Make directory, screen shot.
  • Save/Convert in different formats: gif, bmp, png, lbm, jpg, jpeg2000, tiff.
  • Zip one picture with two modes: Normal or Password Protection with Winzip™ AES-256
    encryption. Note: The program not ziped folders or several pictures.

  Vindentium Picta display the next multimedia formats currently:

  • jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, in native way.
  • svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, using the Hollywood™ plugins.

MorphOS version

AmigaOS3.x version

Windows 64 bit version

  Available in the next languages:
Español Spanish.   English English.   Francaise Français.   Italiano Italiano.

  New features v2.00 (23 September 2019):

  1. Added menu tree.
  2. Added a new effect: Negative.
  3. Clean the code.
  4. New logo.
  5. Ziped one picture.

Download Windows 64bits version

Download AmigaOS3.9 version

Download MorphOS version

  Note: This program needs the Hollywood™ plugins for Amiga versions.

Morgue Tools 98

  Three little tools for Windows 98-XP™ but also compatibles with lastest Windows™ version<
 to work in diferent areas, programmed between 2003-06, available only in spanish language.
 Note: Some have never been available before.

The program

Ficheros v2.4

This is a single program to handle files with two windows you
can to do: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename; Make Folder, also
show inside the window program pictures; to other file format
call to respective program that you have installed.

Search multimedia files

Eye Searcher v2.1

This is a a easy program to search multimedia files in your
computer and show and play them or copy to other place.

Also it can show pics

Surfer v3.4

This is a little program that needs Internet Explorer™ 6
engine to download picture galleries from Internet.