v.2.25 (24-04-2020)

V.A.M.P. the best porn&video music videos player

   V.A.M.P. Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player, is one multimedia player programmmed with Hollywood™ an
 Amiga™ cross programming language that makes executables for several operative systems and computers.
   V.A.M.P. support the next multimedia formats with plugins, datatypes and some special library on Amiga™,
 for Windows™ 32 or 64 bits, you can use video codecs or Hollywood™ plugins.





jpg (AD)

gif (AD)

avi-divx (AP-WCó WP)


png (AD)

Movie Setter (AP-WP)

flv (AP-WC ó WP)

wav (AD)

iff-lbm (AD)


mpg-mpeg I y II (AP- WCó WP)

mp3 (AP)

bmp (AD)

apng (AP-WP)

mp4-mpeg4 (AP-WCó WP)

ogg (AP)

svg (AP-WP)

yafa (AP-WP)

wmv-asf (AP-WC ó WP)


gif (AD)


mov-QuickTime (AP-WC)

flac (AP-WP)

jpeg 2000 (AP-WP)


webm (WC) No Amiga

m4a (AP-WP)

tiff (AP-WP)


mkv (WC) No Amiga

dbm (AP-WP)

pcx (AP-WP)


vob-Theodora (AP-WC)




3gp (WC) Windows&MorphOS

aiff (AP-WP)



rm-RealMedia (WC) No Amiga

wma (AP-WP)



m4v (AP-WP)


 AP=Amiga™ with plugin. WP=Windows™ with plugin. AD=Amiga™ with datatype. WC=Windows™ with codec.

  To show these formats V.A.M.P. needs the Hollywood™ plugins for Amiga computers also the mpega.library™
 and codesets.library™ are required and the datatypes for every graphic format.
  You can use the default datatypes or to use the WarpDTypes™ (tested in both cases).
  For Windows™ on 32 or 64 bits are required the video codecs if you want use for formats no supported or more

  fast than the Hollywood™ plugins. I recommend the Shark 007™ are freeware and stables in 32 and 64 bits.

Holywood™ plugins


Shark 007™ codecs









  V.A.M.P. is handle with buttons GUI also it has the next keyboard shorcuts:

  • With numbers "1-2-3-4" you can change the playing time when you rewind or forward the movie with the
    Mouse Wheel:
    • 1=5 seconds.  2=10 seconds.  3=30 seconds.  4=1 Minute.
  • Playing videos the mouse pointer is hide or show moving the pointer.
  • The mouse pointer is hide or show moving the pointer.
  • F1: Full black screen mode or window mode.
  • A-a: About the program version, author.
  • C-c: Settings, here you can choose:
    • Codecs-Plugins: V.A.M.P. needs to play videos, sounds, songs, animations and show some pictures
      to use video  codecs or plugins.  Amiga™ versions use the  Hollywood™ plugins.  Windows™ cans
        use one of the two methods.
    • Languages: Here you select your language:
      •  Castellano.   English.    Italian.   Française.    Finnish.   Swedish.    Polish.
      •  Deutsch.   Greek.
    • Snapshot Drawer: The drawer where save the snapshots
    • Snapshot Format: You can choose save your snapshot in graphic formats as:  bmp, png, lbm, jpg,
      jpeg2000.The png is by default.
    • JPG Quality: The jpg quality by default is 80% and more % biggest qualiy  and KBs and less %
      also less quality and KBs.
    • V.A.M.P. Skins: Here you can choose the skin.
    • Smoothing: OFF/ON by default OFF for slow CPUs.
  • ESC: Exit the program.
  • I-i: Information from multimedia file loaded, format, size.
  • H-h: Fast help of player.
  • S-s: Snapshot from the video or animation frame that moment is playing.
  • L-l: Load the multimedia file.
  • N-n: Reset the movie and it come back the begin.
  • SPACE: Pause/Unpause the video or song.
  • T-t: Clock for Count or Discount from playing time.
  • UP/DOWN arrow keys: To rise or lower the speed for animations show in FPS.
  • F1: Playing videos to full black screen mode or window mode.

  With the mouse buttons you can doing:

  • You can move the player in your desktop gettin the head's player window.
  • You can change the player size window getting from the right button.
  • With the mouse wheel you can forward or rewind the movie and as trick with Pause and the wheel you
    can go to video position that like you even to snapshot frames.
  • With the right you can hide/minize the player and paused the movie or moviex or you are listen a song.
  • With the third mouse button (under wheel) you can pause/unpause the movie or song playing.
  • Double clickling on header border maxime or minimize the window player.

  Improvements in this version 2.25:

    1. Changed the jump time from 1 second to 5 seconds more useful.

  Versions available for download:

Download AmigaOS3.x version

Download MorphOS version

Download AmigaOS4 version

Download AROS version

Download WarpOS version

Download Windows 32bits version

Download Windows 64bits version

Download Linux 64bits version


  To install one skin, you unpack the file and copy the folder with files where you want.

Skin Classic
Classic by Czesiu Mnich

Skin Dark
Dark by Czesiu Mnich

Skin Wooden
Wooden by Czesiu Mnich

Download the Classic Skin

Download the Dark Skin

Download the Classic Skin

Skin Sky
Sky by Czesiu Mnich

Skin Silver
Silver by Czesiu Mnich

Skin Elm Street Software
Skin from Elm Street Software

Download the Sky Skin

Download the Silver Skin

Download the special skin from Elm Street Software

Skin AmigaOS 3
The Classic AmigaOS style

Skin Example for make more skins
Skin to makes skins

Skin BlackWhite
Black&White by Carlo Spadoni

Download AmigaOS3 skin

Download the example skin

Download AmigaOS3 skin

Skin Bruno
Bruno by Carlo Spadoni

Skin Neve
Neve by Carlo Spadoni


Download AmigaOS3 skin

Download AmigaOS3 skin


This program is FREEWARE and PORTABLE.